St Peter's School of English

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St Peter’s School of English


Our pledge

Homestay accommodation is carefully selected by the school, ensuring students live in comfortable houses.

Our accommodation manager visits homes before we approve them and they are visited regularly after this. We also carefully check student feedback.

Nearly all (95%) of our hosts are located in Canterbury within reasonable distance of the school (e.g 15-30 minutes walk or a local bus journey).

Costs at a glance

Shared homestay accommodation (Not available for single applicants): £118 per week per person.
(Additional summer supplement June-September inclusive: £20 per week).

Single room homestay accommodation: £133 per week. (Additional summer supplement June-September inclusive: £20 per week).

To apply for any of our courses, please telephone +44 (0)1227 462016 or contact us via the website.