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Most of our students choose homestay accommodation in and around Canterbury; they say it is a great experience!

English is spoken in the home, so it is a great way to learn about the culture and practise your language skills outside of the classroom.

NOTE: Under British Council regulations, “homestay” has a maximum of four students. If there are more than four, the accommodation is classed as a “private home” and there may be less direct contact with the host(s).

Hosts offer:

  • Breakfast and dinner on schooldays and all weekend meals.
  • A fully furnished single room with a workspace for your studies.
  • A shared room facility is another economic option.
  • Students over 18 are given their own house key.
  • All students will be given support and advice from their hosts. The school also provides a 24-hour telephone hotline in case of emergency.
  • You will not usually be placed in the same private home stay accommodation as a student with the same mother tongue, unless you specifically request this or the school asks your agreement in advance.
  • Laundry facilities/services are offered in each home.

You may find the home and lifestyle different from your country, but we are sure you will enjoy the experience of living in an English-speaking environment. Some of our students enjoy their experience so much that they stay in contact with their hosts for many years.

We can also help students find private and long term options. Our team is always happy to give advice on the best option for you. You can find out more about hotel, B&B and self-catering accommodation if you click here

We want you to be happy in your homestay but please remember that you are living someone’s home. The following behaviour is not acceptable from students:

  • Taking things from the homestay, such as money or possessions.
  • Gross negligence i.e. leaving windows and the front door open.
  • Using a homestay telephone without permission.
  • Unacceptable language or behaviour i.e. threatening or aggressive behaviour, the use of alcohol or drugs, ignoring homestay rules such s times to return home in the evenings (for under 18 year olds).
  • Inappropriate use of homestay facilities without permission i.e. taking food from the kitchen, leaving the house in an unacceptable state etc.
  • Inviting friends into the homestay without the permission of the hosts.
  • Smoking in the house/flat without the permission of the hosts.

You could also be asked to leave if a member of the homestay or a loved one becomes ill or dies.

Dane John Gardens Canterbury

Dane John Gardens Canterbury

A host family neighbourhood A homestay neighbourhood

Our pledge

Homestay accommodation is carefully selected by the school, ensuring students live in comfortable houses.

Our accommodation manager visits homes before we approve them and they are visited regularly after this. We also carefully check student feedback.

Nearly all (95%) of our hosts are located in Canterbury within reasonable distance of the school (e.g 15-30 minutes walk or a local bus journey).

Costs at a glance

Inside a host family houseTypical homestay